Rowable Classics builds, buys, restores and sells classic rowing shells and used composite rowing shells, used racing shells and all types of single and double sculling boats.

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Boats for Restoration & Display

Some of our boats are no longer rowable or are in need of cosmetic restoration.   These would make excellent display boats as is, or they could be restored to their original condition.

Please answer the questions below and press the submit button.  We will then contact you with information on boats that will meet your needs.


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How much do you or the person(s) who will row the boat weigh?

How tall are you or the person(s) who will row the boat?

In what kind of water conditions do you expect to be rowing?

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About what age should the boat be?

What kind of "look" do you want the boat have (e.g. "antiquey looking", more modern, etc)?

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Would you like to get the boat yourself or have it shipped to you?

Where do you live, or where will you row this boat? (i.e., in, or near, what town or city and what state or province?)

Where will the boat be going? (i.e., in, or near, what town or city and what state or province?)

Are you interested in purchasing oars with the boat? (if so, what maker or country, what condition and what price range?)

Would you like to receive actual photos, or digital images of the boats (or oars) that fit your description?  If so, please provide postal or e-mail address:

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