Rowable Classics builds, buys, restores and sells classic rowing shells and used composite rowing shells, used racing shells and all types of single and double sculling boats.

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Wooden & Carbon Fiber
& Sculling Oars

We have wood & carbon fiber oars and sculls from all over the world.  Whether you are looking for a set of lightweight racing sculls, antique sweep oars, or anything in between, we can supply them!

Please answer the questions below and press the submit button.  We will then contact you with information on oars or sculls that will meet your needs.


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What size oars are you looking for?
Sweep oars (12'6")
Sculling oars (9'9")

Do you want wood or carbon oars?

How many sweep oars or pairs of sculling oars do you want?

If you want more than one sweep oar or pair of sculls, do they all need to match (i.e., same maker, same condition, same blade colors)?

Are are going to row with the oars, or just display them?

Do you have a preferred oar maker and/or country of origin in mind?
(If so, please specify.)

What blade shape do you want? ( Pre-1960's Pencil Blades, Narrow Blade, Post 1965: Macon Tulip, Delta or Hatchet Blade)

What kind of "look" do you want the oars to have? (e.g. "antiquey looking", more modern, new looking (refinished), varnished with painted blades; all varnish, etc.) Not Applicable to Carbon Blades

What price range of oar(s) you are looking for?

When do you actually expect to buy the oar(s)?

Would you like to pick up the oar(s) yourself, or have them shipped to you?

Where will the oars be going? (i.e., in, or near, what town or city and what state or province?)

Would you like to receive actual photos, or digital images of the oar(s) that fit your description? If so, please provide postal or e-mail address?

Would you like to receive a phone call about the oar(s) that fit your description? (If so, at what phone number and what time of day?)

Other requirements or comments:

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