Rowable Classics builds, buys, restores and sells classic rowing shells and used composite rowing shells, used racing shells and all types of single and double sculling boats.

Rowable Classics

ROWABLE ROWABLE CLASSICS stocks nearly 100 single and double classic racing, recreational and open water boats of all ages from North American, English, European and Australian builders, and an equal number of sweep and sculling oars. These boats and oars are in various locations across the United States and can easily and safely be shipped anywhere (by others) for a nominal fee.

Boats are sold for the amount invested to acquire, ship, store and refurbish them. Prices for boats range from $950-$6,500, depending on age, rarity and condition; oars are $400-$675. More expensive boats are either new, or newly restored. Those that cost less, typically need restoration and/or repair. Proceeds from sales are reinvested in the "ecology of classic rowing boats", i.e. saving these magnificent, hand-built works of art from people who cut them up to make book shelves, or simply let them rot!

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